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Congratulations on taking the first step towards changing your life!

Life can be difficult. Things rarely turn out how we imagined that it would. Sometimes, when we find ourselves in these difficult and unexpected circumstances we feel an overwhelming sense of anger, anxiety, depression and loneliness. The road to dealing with these emotions is not always clear and we sometimes outgrow the tools to deal with these complex emotions.

Therapy can help to shed light on these  complex emotions, events and relationships. It can help you discover the causes as well as provide you with new tools to help you  create a fulfilling life and healthy relationships. When you simply cannot figure it out alone, help from an experienced psychotherapist can make a difference in creating positive changes.

I am a New York State licensed therapist with over 30 years experience helping individuals, couples and families gain a better understanding of the factors that are playing a role in their present life. In addition to helping people with relationship, career, and self esteem issues, I also specialize in the counseling of infertility, adoption, third party reproduction and complex blended families. I believe it is important that the therapist create an environment built on trust in which feelings and experiences can be talked about openly.


Professional Memberships



Psychology Today


The New York Society of Clinical Social Workers – The Metropolitan chapter

The Psychotherapy and Training Collective of New York


The Women’s Mental Health Consortium


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